St Benedict’s School

Kindergarten to Year 6, Applecross WA

Important Dates

  • 23 November

    Buddy Week

  • 25 November

    Piano Excursion

  • 25 November

    2021 Leadership Speeches

  • 23 November

    Buddy Week

  • 30 November

    KB Christmas Concert

  • 02 December

    Transition to 2020 classes

  • 03 December


  • 03 December

    Concert & Presentation Night

  • 05 December

    Graduation Dinner

  • 07 December

    KW Christmas Concert

  • 08 December

    Nativity Ass {PP) & Morning Tea for Parent Helpers

Assistant Principal News

Dear Families & Friends,

Year 6 Camp

This week our Year 6 students, and some very dedicated staff, have travelled by train to Kalgoorlie for our Year 6 Camp. They have experienced panning for gold and visiting a range of Kalgoorlie landmarks such as the ‘Super Pit’. Thank you to Mr Miranda, Mrs Allingame, Mrs Cottino and Mr Rechichi for accompanying our students on camp.


School Photos

This week, all families should have received a flyer with information regarding our 2020 School Photos. Photography sessions will be held on Monday, 21 September for students in Kindy, Pre-Primary and Years 1, 2, 3 & 6. Students in 3-Year-Old Kindy and Years 4 & 5 will have their photos taken on Thursday, 24 September. Our School Choir Photo will be taken at 8:40am on Thursday, 24 September in the Library. We please ask that students in the Choir arrive promptly by 8:30am and bring along any instruments that they have played this year as part of our Choir performances.

As we are in our final transition year to our new school uniform, there will be no restrictions to which uniform the children wear on their photo day. We just ask that students wear shoes which are predominately black or white and that students follow our normal grooming requirements – neat natural coloured hair, no jewellery (except for a small crucifix on a necklace or stud earrings) and black or blue ribbons for girls (no large bows or hair accessories). Please find below a message from our photographers Kapture Photography.


Dear Parents, 

For the duration of COVID-19, please be aware that Kapture photographers are following all recommended health guidelines and safe practices. Photographers will use verbal queues and instructions in an effort to uphold a high standard of student presentation. Students may be instructed by photographers to use single use sterile combs, use wet wipes or tissues, to fix collars, buttons and stray hairs – without physically touching students. 

The only method of ordering your photos is online through the Kapture website as your payment is secure and can be easily verified at any time. Sibling orders can only be placed online at 

You have the option to order a sibling photo package online, however, please note there is a physical limit in the school schedule to how many sibling photos can be taken. Once the maximum capacity of sibling orders has been reached, no more sibling orders can be placed. 

If maximum capacity is not reached, sibling orders close 12pm midday sharp, AT LEAST one business day prior to the first photo day. Enter your school code as soon as you receive your flyer in the Order Online page of our website for a live countdown. 

The school or the photographers cannot accept late orders for sibling photography. Please do not ask as your request simply cannot be accommodated. Order now to avoid missing out! 

You can place an order online for class or individual photographs at any time for the remainder of the current school year; however, a $20 fee will apply if you order more than 10 days after photography. 

If your child is in a special photo, you can use the same school code on your order envelope to view and order these photos on Kapture’s website, around the time that school photos are ready to be delivered. Please note: class, individual and sibling portraits are not available to view online prior to purchase. 

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please direct them to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email 

All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administration records AS WELL as included in their class group presentation available for purchase to all families. Should there be any reason why your child should NOT be included in the photo shoot –please contact the school office.


First Holy Communion

Across the next 3 weekends students from our school, as well as children from our Parish, will be celebrating their First Holy Communion for the first time. We wish these candidates and their families a joyous and memorable experience.

School News

Religion News in Year One White

In Year One we have been learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the importance of the choices we make. The focus of this lesson is that with God’s help ‘We Can Make Loving Choices.’  Below is a collection of choices the Year 1 White children thought of that show love for others in the playground.


Curriculum News in Year Four Blue

In Year 4 Blue we have been learning all about fractions. The children are so engaged and motivated in their learning. They have begun creating their fraction walls, investigating how to create equivalent fractions using the knowledge of division and multiplication, and are exploring how they can change and convert fractions into decimals.


Book Week – ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Book week is fast approaching and will be celebrated 19th – 23rd October.  This year the theme is ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’.

The main events are:

  1. STORYTELLING SESSION for Year 6: Monday 19th October
  2. DRESS UP DAY: Tuesday 20th October
    – everyone is invited to dress up as a character from a book
    – details about the location, time and who is able to attend will be sent out soon
  1. BOOK FAIR: 20th – 23rd October
    – details coming soon

Thank you
Mrs Noonan



Our Year 2B and 3B students have begun to use our expanded Ukulele collection:

Thank you to our P&F for this wonderful donation! Now everyone in Music Class, and Mrs Searson, can enjoy playing all of the instruments.

  • Thanks for your kindness, P&F! Darcee (Yr3B)
  • The Ukuleles are the best! Thanks. Hannah (Yr3B)
  • Dear P&F, thank you for all the instruments in the Music Room. Everyone, (including Mrs Searson) is so grateful to have an awesome P&F.  Lauren (Yr3B)
  • Thank you for buying the new ukuleles and putting all your time into it. Zoe (Yr3B)

The Year 5B Class was very happy to be able use a xylophone (or glockenspiel) without having to share and they have plenty of choice:

  • These resources have helped us and many younger students to engage more in their learning time during music. When we played each piece of music, we grew in excitement and joy and wanted to learn more about it. These instruments have changed many young ones’ minds (as well as ours) into musically thinking. Eva & Maria-Fe (Year 5B)
  • Recently, the School P&F kindly donated some money to the Music Room. As a result, we have new instruments for our Music classes, including now a full class set of glockenspiels and some new xylophones. Everyone has been excited to use them. They have been helping us to be able to learn more and have fun in Music lessons. We are so lucky to have a kind and resourceful P&F! Chelsea M (Year 5B)
  • These instruments will not only help the Year 5 Class, but many students across the year levels who love and adore music. Peyton (Year 5B)


Sport News


Little Athletics is a great way to keep fit and builds the foundation skills of running, jumping and throwing which are also highly transferable to other sports.  The program aims develop the fitness and character of young people in Western Australia and inspire them to achieve their full potential, both within the sport of athletics and in life. Participation and “Being Your Best” are the underpinning values of the Little Athletics program, encouraging all young people to take part, regardless of culture, background or level of ability.  It’s a great way to meet new people and challenge yourself to beat your personal best!

Athletics West have Centres and Clubs running Little Athletics programs state-wide.  They deliver weekly athletics activities for young people aged 5 to 16 years, with some Centres also conducting activities for Tiny Tots.

Centres and Clubs will be able to help you improve and learn about athletics so you can get the most out of your involvement.  Learning is fun and in no time you will see your personal best performances (PB’s) improve.  Families participate together with a strong reliance on parent volunteers to assist in a wide range of roles.

Athletes can choose to pursue their involvement in athletics further, with competition at Little Athletics State Events, Australian Championships and international competition. 

You will find no shortage of friendships at Little Athletics.  We have provided a friendly environment for 50 years!


Registrations for the Summer season for Perth Metro open from the 5 September 2020 (check with your local Centre or club as this may vary).

Search for your local club here and register –


Bennies Go Green Club News

So much has happened since our last newsletter report.  Last week we made seed paper and some dads were lucky enough to get these for Father’s Day.  We used paper from the recycling bins at school and old egg cartons.  We hope these have been planted and are germinating as we speak.  In a few weeks you should have a crop of Parsley sprouting through.

Some of us are so excited to have been chosen to attend a Junior Dolphin Watch Excursion at Matilda Bay.  Our rivers and estuaries are home to a diverse range of organisms, including our iconic dolphins.  JDW gives young people the opportunity to be involved in citizen science by monitoring the dolphins of WA.  The students will be introduced to the project, test water quality of the river and examine other elements of the environment to assess if it is a healthy environment for the dolphins.  Then they will examine how negative impacts, like pollution, can be minimised in the future.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting excursion and we look forward to sharing the experience in our next report.

More news, Pre-Primary has very kindly donated three of their raised gardens to the club.  These have been relocated to the Nature Playground and slowly we have been filling them with soil in preparation for planting.  We hope to grow some Spring & Summer Veggies and also have a go at growing some indigenous edible plants to enhance our learning experience.  Very soon Trillion Trees will be visiting us again to assist with the placement of the native plants which were brought back to school and are now been cared for in the Green House.

So, as you can see, we are a very busy bunch of “Greenies” and it’s our passion for the environment that keeps us striving for a better world for all.

Community News

St Benedict’s Youth Group

HELLO from The St Benedict’s Youth Group!

The St Benedict’s Youth Group comprises of a Year 6 – Year 9 group and a Year 10 – Year 12 group of students from St. Benedicts Catholic Church Parish. Students come from various schools; Aquinas, Santa Maria, CBC and St. Benedicts…

And we would love for new members to join us.

The St Benedict’s youth group meet once a month – separate sessions for both groups. We talk about faith, listen to some great guest speakers or play some games and share a meal together. We also have fun social events like bowling and laser tag. These are supervised by a dedicated team of four youth leaders from St. Benedicts Parish.

We would love to have you join us after Saturday Mass at the Albert Lynch Room from 7pm – 8.30pm:

Year 6–Year 9 groupSaturday 12th September 2020

Year 10–Year 12 groupSaturday 26th September 2020

Please bring $5 and RSVP the Thursday before to Emily at

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you can’t attend this event, but want to go onto the email list for future events, please also email us at

God Bless from Emily on behalf of the St Benedict’s Youth Team






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