“Think of what you could do for others before thinking of yourself”|“Always be the first to show respect to those around you”|“Living like Jesus must come before all else”

St Benedict’s is a school where Christ’s example of Hope, Belief and Love is our foundation for a happy, engaging and successful school.

Welcome to St Benedict’s School Website

My name is Steve Miranda and I am the Principal of St Benedict’s School, Applecross. It is my great privilege to welcome you to our school and community. St Benedict’s is a co-educational Catholic Primary School catering to the educational needs of approximately 400 students ranging from 3 Year-Old Kindergarten through to Year 6. Our school has experienced growth over recent years, transitioning to a double stream school responding to the need within our community.

Our school motto, I Hope, I Believe, I Love promotes the personal aspirations of each student along with the teachings of our faith. Our values of Service, Community and Integrity shape the people we wish to be and are displayed around the school and act as a constant reminder of our journey each and every day, to live like Jesus.

St Benedict’s School is characterised by its strong sense of community and tradition. The School Board, along with parents, work hard to support all our endeavours so that our students are provided with all they need to receive the best education possible. Our staff members are extremely dedicated professionals who provide a rich and diverse curriculum for all students. The staff work together with a commitment to provide for the individual needs of every child, helping them realise their dreams and work with them as they discover and develop their gifts and talents.

At St Benedict’s we believe in educating the whole child spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. We do this by providing a broad range of experiences that allow our students to be exposed to and developed in these areas.

Our curriculum is delivered through using 21st Century learning pedagogies based on an inquiry based approach enabling students to be engaged through accessing, analysing, understanding and applying information. The classroom environment enhances this by being flexible and set out in zones to enable students to collaborate, access technology, work with the teacher or work independently when they need to.

Our school is a vibrant, dynamic learning environment and we are devoted to the children we serve. We look forward to working with you, your child and the St Benedict’s Community. I hope that the information provided here will be both interesting and informative for those considering enrolment of children at our school.

Welcome to our school and community and please contact to office to organise a personal tour of our school.

Yours sincerely

Steve Miranda