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School Counsellor

The School Counsellor provides a school-based service that includes supporting children where social and emotional issues may be impacting their ability to learn, resources to enhance children’s coping strategies, assisting teachers with social and emotional programs in classes and supporting teaching staff in the management of students with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Presenting issues that may benefit from referral to the School Counsellor:

  • Significant change or loss in family through separation or death of a loved one, where it impacts the child’s behaviour at school impacting on their school relationships or ability to learn
  • Anxiety or depression in the student or family, where it impacts on the student’s engagement or learning at school
  • Social and emotional difficulties

The School Counsellor identifies, supports, and refers students and their families to external agencies for further treatment when necessary.

Please ask your classroom teacher for referral information to the School Counsellor.