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日本語 – にほんご

The Japanese language program at St Benedict’s School is delivered to students from Pre Primary to Year 6. Students come to the Japanese classroom once a week for a 50-minute lesson. Our Japanese room has many authentic recourses to help our students experience Japanese culture. Our Japanese language program is based on the Western Australian Curriculum with adjustments made to personalize learning experiences for our students. The Japanese language program is designed to provide students with communication skills in Japanese, including an understanding of not only the Japanese language but also the unique culture and customs of Japan and its people.

The content is presented to the students using resources that make meaningful connections with their personal world and developmental interests. The content also encourages the students to explore contemporary and traditional Japanese culture.  Students in Japanese classes have many opportunities to speak, listen, read, write and understand Japanese, stories, practical tasks, role play, presentations and technology. The students enjoy songs, making origami, playing quizzes. Our Japanese language program is designed to make students excited about their learning and to make it a meaningful and interactive experience.

Hogarth Sensei-Japanese teacher

Sanja Hogarth- Japanese language teacher