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Music Program

St Benedict’s has a long, rich tradition of Music, stemming from the legacy of our founding Parish Priest, Fr Albert Lynch. The St Benedict’s Music Programme follows a dynamic approach to experiencing music in their world, through playing, singing, listening and responding to a wide range of music forms from both Australia and around the world.  Students will play both tuned and untuned instruments, with Ukulele being taught from Yr 2.  They will gain an appreciation for how music effects their everyday life and how it can be a useful tool in enriching their physical and mental wellbeing.

Singing forms a large part of the musical tradition at St Benedict’s. All students participate in weekly Liturgical Singing sessions and from Yr 3 onwards, have the opportunity to join the St Benedict’s Choir. We participate in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and join community initiatives such as the local Jacaranda Festival. Every second year we stage a musical production, which involves our senior years in singing, dancing and acting. Many of our past students continue in Parish musical endeavours such as joining Parish Choirs as singers and musicians.