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Physical Education

Our Physical Education programs are designed to ensure all children engage in meaningful activities which develop important skills that can be used throughout life to maintain fitness, health and wellbeing.

Our Junior program encourages the development of physical, mental and social skills by exposing students to a wide range of physical activities (locomotor, fitness, balance, eye/hand/foot coordination).  All skills are taught in a safe and supportive environment offering children challenging experiences and opportunities to experience individual and team success.

Our Senior PE Program consolidates the skills learnt in the junior school and provides opportunities to use these skills in an extensive range of sports such as Soccer, Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Softball, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Tennis, European Handball, League Tag, Ultimate Frisbee and Bike Education. 

In conjunction with our PE program, St Benedict’s offers a comprehensive intra-school and inter-school sporting program.  Our Intra-school sporting program gives opportunities for our St Benedict’s Community to gather together and support each other through the Faction carnivals of Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Ballgames.  In these carnivals, both junior and senior school students benefit from participation in age-appropriate activities designed to offer individuals and teams to challenge themselves and learn the importance of communication and teamwork.

St. Benedict’s is a member of the Catholic Association of Sporting Schools.  Our senior students have the opportunity to represent their school in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  Competitions in team sports are offered to our year five and six students throughout the year.